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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore The Breaking-In Of Your New Car | Hudson, Land O’ Lakes, Seven Springs

Breaking in which is also known as running in is the process of conditioning new equipment by running it under light, normal or heavy load. This isn’t exclusive to cars and the same concept can be applied to any mechanical object with moving parts.

Breaking in cars have been recommended by their manufacturers for decades. An engine break in is a combination of driving techniques, precautions and maintenance tasks that are done with the intention of extending a car’s lifespan.

Why is a break in recommended?

A break in is recommended because a cylinder wall in an engine is not perfectly smooth. It has a deliberate slight roughness to help with oil adhesion. As the engine is powered up, the piston rings between the pistons and cylinder wall will begin to seal against the wall’s small ridges.

Piston rings need to shape themselves to the cylinders in the engine and it takes time and careful driving for that to happen properly. If the rings aren’t seated correctly, the car may continue to burn oil down the line.

Think of it as a baby learning to walk and eventually run. You cannot force a baby to run without risking permanent damage. You must let it crawl, walk and eventually it will run on its own. This is the human body’s way of breaking in its legs.

Similarly, new engines have new parts that need to get accustomed to their role in the car’s engine. It may seem like a hassle, but it could mean the difference between an engine that lasts 100,000 miles and one that lasts 200,000 miles.

The concept of a break in period is slowly fading because modern manufacturing processes are slowly making it an obsolete concept. However, better to be safe rather than sorry.

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