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Cabin and Engine Filter | Port Richey near Trinity, Land O’ Lakes

It is imperative for you to replace the air filter of a car’s engine if it gets dirty or dusty.

The key objective of cabin filters placed in a majority of vehicles is to keep the air circulating inside the cabin of a vehicle clean. A cabin filter is usually situated under the dashboard, hood or behind a glove compartment on a majority of modern vehicles.

The function of a cabin filter is to filter the air that enters through the HVAC system of a car to prevent the entry of pollutants like mold spores, smog, pollen, and dust. A car filter is also susceptible to the entry of undesirable debris, leaves, and rodent droppings. You can avoid a costly repair by changing the cabin filter. Thus, the filter also improves air quality. It makes the air inside a car cleaner so that you can breathe well. Irrespective of whether you are on a dusty country road or a congested city street, the cabin filters can help your car and you work best.

Following are the top merits of replacing the air filter as and when necessary:

  • Improves the air-conditioning and heating performance of your vehicles
  • Brings down allergy related issues
  • Helps to remove foul odors and microscopic particles
  • Facilitates the removal of air born pollen, soot, and dust
  • When the air in a passenger compartment is cleaner, air born pollen, soot, and dust get removed

When the cabin filter gets obstructed with accumulated waste, the vehicle’s air-conditioner and heater can get clogged. Bring your vehicle to our auto repair at Ed Morse Mazda Port Richey in Port Richey near Trinity, Land O’ Lakes, Tarpon Springs and we can help replace your cabin air filter and check your A/C performance.