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What are the Engine Performance Signs?

A poor engine performance could mean expensive and serious issues for the vehicle. It is necessary to catch and address any engine problems early, before they cause serious consequences. Luckily, today’s vehicles come with warning lights, together with the check engine light, to inform the driver if there is a problem. When the check engine light lights up, you must schedule a diagnostic service with our team in Port Richey, minutes away from Hudson and Wesley Chapel, to recognize the issues. If the light blinks, this points out a serious problem that must get immediate attention.

Here is a few signs that could mean the engine performance might have a problem:

Power loss:

The internal combustion engines of the vehicle convert the fuel into the power necessary to move the vehicle on the road. The combustion engine process engages a four stroke cycle such as the compression stroke, intake stroke, exhaust stroke and combustion stroke. A malfunction during any one of the strokes might result in the lack of power supply to the engine thus compromising the engine performance.

Excessive or unusual noise:

Troubles in the flow of combustion could result in an extensive range of weird sounds like hissing, backfiring, popping or knocking. Whenever you hear strange noises when you start up the car think of it as a warning indication and plan a service visit to our certified service experts in Port Richey, Near Hudson and Wesley Chapel.

Reduced gas mileage:

If you have to fill the gas tank more frequently as compared to the normal, then there might be a problem with the engine’s compression stroke.  It might just be as easy as having the fuel injection tune-up but bring it over to our service department where we can diagnose the issue.

Odd odor:

Like the sounds, anything consistent and odd shouldn’t be overlooked with the smells. Troubles with the vehicle’s exhaust stroke might lead to an odd exhaust smell to be obvious in the car.

Engine Stalling:

Whenever it comes to the automatic transmission automobiles, the engine stalling is extremely unusual and most likely means that there is an issue with the car’s engine. Mainly the difficulty is that the stroke of the engine is not receiving the spark or the fuel mixture that it requires. This problem could be fixed by a tune up. However, it could be more serious and the Engine Performance must be checked.

Engine run-on:

If the car continues to remain on after it is turned off then it is time to get the Engine Performance checked out by our experts in Port Richey, near Hudson and Wesley Chapel. This indication of the troubled performance of the engine is most common in high-performance automobiles. The causes of the trouble might consist of wrong octane gas for the car, carburetor issues, or a failing solenoid.

As with any vehicle troubles you might come across, the essential thing is to have the engine performance signs or problems addressed as quickly as possible to prevent more complications and expenses. A poor engine performance could mean serious troubles for the vehicle so schedule your service visit today if your vehicle shows any of these signs.