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What Is The Clutch?

In case you know how to drive manual transmission vehicles, you would be aware of the 3rd pedal, the clutch. Manual transmission cars are becoming less and less desired in the United States but some manufactures still offer this as an option such as the Mazda 3 hatchback, which can make driving a lot of fun for some drivers.

Treating your clutch well will ensure that it lasts up to around 150,000 miles. On the other hand, if you do not use it appropriately while driving your car, or if you carry bulky loads or overload the vehicle, the clutch can last for only 50,000 miles or even less.

In a car, its engine keeps spinning always. However, the wheels of the car must be started and stopped. When you drive a manual transmission vehicle, its clutch is the means for a driver to get the wheels disengaged from the engine without killing the engine while doing so.

How does a clutch operate?

Are you aware that the clutch of your car comes with a flywheel? There is also a clutch plate to connect to the transmission of your car. Whenever the foot of a driver is not on the car’s clutch pedal, the springs exert pressure on a clutch disc. It, in turn, applies pressure on the clutch’s flywheel. The engine is locked to the transmission shaft so that they spin at a similar speed, enabling your vehicle to move.

Clutches in automatic transmissions vehicles:

It should be noted that even automatic transmission cars come with a clutch system. The difference is that in such a car, the clutch is a component of a bigger series of systems, which work together to form the torque converter instead of the clutch that usually comes with a manual transmission. The function of the torque converter is to connect the engine of the car to the transmission for turning the wheels, like the way a clutch functions in a manual transmission car.

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