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How to change a tire and tire dangers to be aware of

Knowing how to change a tire for your vehicle in case of an emergency is invaluable information as a driver. Imagine being stranded with no one around that can help you change a tire or roadside assistance is unavailable to you. Do not be caught off guard and practice changing a tire for your vehicle just in case the situation ever arises you will be prepared. Here are some of the basics steps on changing a tire on a vehicle.

1. Find a safe, clear spot to pull over and put on your emergency lights for visibility
2. Pull out your tools from your trunk (spare tire, jack and lug wrench)
3. Loosen lug nuts slightly in case you need to remove a hubcap (left to loosen, right to tighten)
4. Use the jack to lift vehicle on the side of the flat
5. Finish loosening and removing lug nuts (left to loosen, right to tighten)
6. Take tire off and place spare tire on
7. Put lug nuts back on
8. Lower vehicle and tighten the lug nuts (left to loosen, right to tighten)

Now that you have the basics on changing a tire, you should look out for and be aware of the following tire dangers to help prevent a flat. There will be times a flat is unavoidable from debris on the road but sometimes a flat can be prevented if we just pay attention to our tires. Check if your tires are very worn or balding as this helps increase the probability of a flat tire since it is much easier to puncture than a tire with life. You should always be careful as driving on over or under inflated tires can be dangerous. It is best to keep your tires at the manufacturers recommended pressure setting. Keeping up with alignments, rotations and not allowing your tires to be driven bald are all ways to helps avoid flats or blowouts and help keep you and other drivers safe on the road.

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