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Wheel Alignment in Port Richey near Wesley Chapel and Clearwater

What is an alignment?

Proper alignments adjust the suspension of your vehicle. Alignment specifications are determined by the vehicles manufacturer and are different and specific for each make and model. Your vehicle will be placed on a computerized machine where it will align your vehicle back to manufacturers specifications. Keeping your vehicle aligned is very important as it benefits multiples areas of your car that could end up costing big money if replacement is needed.

Why do you need alignments?

Unfortunately cars can easily be knocked out of perfect alignment. Hitting a curb, a pothole or driving on rough terrain can be some noticeable ways to knock the vehicle out of alignment. Sometimes the alignment can be knocked off by a fraction of an inch which is not noticeable to us, yet can begin to cause damage to part of your vehicle such as your tires. Benefits of keeping your vehicle aligned include: preserve tire life, preserve fuel due to using less energy to drive your car, more control as you drive and a smoother ride on the road. It is much more economical to keep your vehicle aligned than have to change your unevenly worn tires before their time.

Signs you need an alignment

Sometimes you do not need a technician to know your vehicle is in need for a wheel alignment. Some of the most common, most obvious signs include when your vehicle pulls to the left or right and you cannot drive straight, uneven tire wear and a crooked steering wheel. It is a good idea to have your vehicle aligned when you buy new tires. It is also a good idea to have the alignment checked out when you bring the car in for other routine maintenance services such as oil changes. Preserve the life of your tires, conserve fuel, have more control while driving and avoid suspension issues by staying on top of your vehicle wheel alignment needs.